January 16, 2009

The Nobel Peace Center

There is not too much daylight amongst my photos, as some of you might have noticed. Why is that? The capital of Norway is characterised by large variations in daylight hours during the year. This is because of Oslo's high latidude. These days, daylight hours are very short. Yesterday's sunrise was at 09:06, solar noon at 12:26 (altitude 9°) and sunset at 15:47. That is a 6h 41m 41s day – not too long. If you want to check sunrise and sunset for your location and compare it with Oslo (and also local time for dusk, dawn and twilight, Sun distance and altitude and day length), come this way! Oh, by the way: What you see is Oslo's Nobel Peace Center, a museum that tells the story of Alfred Nobel and presents all Nobel Peace Prize laureates.


  1. Ah yes I remember this building, original a railway station as I recall.

  2. I love all of your photos! If you don't mind sharing..... what kind of camera are you using?