February 28, 2009

February 27, 2009

Death from Above

Taking a walk along the streets of Oslo is not at all harmless these days...

February 26, 2009

The latest batch of snow III

Still tons of snow here. Oslo hasn’t seen so much of it since 1987 – according to some newspapers.

February 25, 2009

The latest batch of snow II

These cars are useless for the next few days.

February 22, 2009

February 21, 2009


Some days ago I met an American. He was pleasantly surprised for the simple reason that we have McDonald's and all the rest of american restaurant chains here in Norway as well – of course we have!

February 20, 2009


The mural in the big hall of Oslo City Hall.

February 19, 2009

The Saving Feature of Snow III

Let me get straight, the last 3 photos are not from Oslo, but from Hemsedal. It is situated 200 km northwest of Oslo – one of the best ski areas in Scandinavia.

February 18, 2009

February 16, 2009


Yet another day of snow – Snowfall all sunday.

February 15, 2009

Crown of Scandinavia

The Crown of Scandinavia is a cruiseferry sailing on a route connecting Oslo and Copenhagen (Denmark). Sorry for the lens. It was dirty.

February 14, 2009

Subway Train

Siemens, Germany's industrial major, is currently supplying Oslo’s subway system with environmentally friendly trains that consume 30 percent less energy than the old units. In Oslo, it was important for Siemens to be able to ensure operational safety for the subway system even at extreme subzero temperatures. A couple of other things were necessary as well: effective heating system, windshield defrosters and a robust construction that would be able to handle heavy snow loads. Deliveries of the new subway trains are scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2009. Source

February 13, 2009


Kiwi is one of Norway's major discout store chains. After a profit of 400 million kroner in 2007, the Kiwi president decied to throw a party for all the employees called "Super Kiwiaden" which lasted for one overnight stay at Brunstad Conference Center (BCC). Some 4200 of the employees took part in it and the party was reputed to cost over 100 million kroner.

February 12, 2009

The Shnas

Shnas is a student place, often used for hosting concerts, conferences, company arrangements, weddings and theatres, but first and foremost parties. The dance club is open every thursday night and usaully filled with some 500-1000 students. If you are in Oslo, at the age of 20-30 and don't know what to do: Today is the grand reopening after renovation of the building.
For another thing, to make you more familiar with Norwegian: Shnas means "Studentenes Hus Nydalen As", whereas "Studentenes Hus" is Student House. As is the abbreviation for "Aksjeselskap", meaning stock-based company.

February 11, 2009

Mine Sweeper

The Mine Sweeper M314 Alta is a floating museum placed beneath the Akershus Fortress in Oslo.
The ship was launched in 1953 and served in the U.S. Navy as AMS-104 and in the Belgian Navy as BNS Arlon (M 915). In 1966, Alta was taken over by the Norwegian Navy. Decommissioning was in 1996 – after 30 years of service!

February 10, 2009


Fiskehallen in Oslo is Norway's largest fish market.

February 09, 2009

The Grand Thing

Stortinget is the Norwegian Parliament, and this is the big hall. There a 169 seats. To improve your mind: Stortinget betyr Stor (=grand) ting (=thing) – the grand thing!

February 08, 2009


Let's have a snowball fight?

February 07, 2009

Charles XIV John

The statue of Charles XIV John of Sweden in front of the Royal Palace.

February 06, 2009


I'm willing to admit it looks nice, however, to be honest: I am really sick of snow! It's enough. It's cold! I hate it. I want summer! Now!

February 05, 2009

February 04, 2009

Bird's Eye

...and this is how Norway looks from above when approaching Sandefjord Airport Torp.

February 03, 2009

Sandefjord Airport Torp

Sandefjord Airport (Oslo-Torp) is another airport, located some 100 km south-west of the city centre. However, busses and trains run several times a day from the airport to Oslo. In contrast to Gardermoen, Torp is a low-cost destination. It has direct flights to popular destinations all over Europe, such as Copenhagen, London, Dublin, Frankfurt, Barcelona and Milano.

February 02, 2009

Gardermoen Airport

Gardermoen was opened in 1998 as Oslo's main commercial airport. It is situated 48 km northeast of the city and functions as a national hub, with a total of 25 domestic destinations. Unsurprisingly – as a result of Norway's upper price/tax level and the fact that Norway is not an EU member – Gardermoen has the largest duty free shop in Europe.
The airport was designed by the same architect that drew Norway's internationally renowned business school, BI Norwegian School of Management.

February 01, 2009

Norwegian Air Shuttle

"Norwegian" is Norway's second-largest airline and the fifth-largest low-cost airline in Europe. It carried 9.1 million passengers in 2008. The photo was taken at Oslo's central airport "Gardermoen", Norwegian's main hub.