January 29, 2009

Bjølsen studentby

Bjølsen, built in 2003, is one of Oslo's newest student villages. You need to pay up to 2840* Norwegian Kroner for an unfurnished single room (11-15 m2). Is that expensive?

*320 Euro; 422 US-Dollar


  1. Does that include utilities? 11-15 m2 seems a very tiny space. Maybe it's not expensive according to Norwegian standard of living.

    I really like the resolution of this picture. It's so clear.

  2. We're looking at around 1,140 NKR per week for my son's university accommodation next year (think I've got the sum right - £3668 for the academic year (not including the long summer vacation). This is for a furnished room with wash hand basin, weekly cleaning, breakfast and evening meal every day plus lunch on Saturday and Sunday, and all utilities.