February 06, 2009


I'm willing to admit it looks nice, however, to be honest: I am really sick of snow! It's enough. It's cold! I hate it. I want summer! Now!


  1. I live in Yorkshire, England and we have had more snow than for many years. I love snow, it looks so pristine and it is great fun for small children.
    But today I agree the novelty has worn thin, it has turned to ice and walking or driving is now very hazardous.
    Leeds Daily Photo

  2. Don't worry, we are melting here in Buenos Aires.

    Believe me, I would exchange this horrible sun for some of that snow.

    Looking at that picture is like having a taste of the winter i miss so much.

    Nice shot.

  3. Similar weather was in Poland last days, but now there is no snow and frost:) Don' worry, it must be better!